Nextbase 112 Dashcam

Nextbase 112 Dash Cam Review

Nextbase has recently introduced the 112 Dash Cam as their latest premium compact model with great features including the new ‘Click & Go’ powered screen mount

The 112 features include 720p HD resolution, recording at 30 frames-per-second, 120-degree viewing angle and four-element sharp lenses made up of four layers of glass to provide amazingly clear images to capture the important information such as number plate and road sign detail.

Equipped with a 2” LED screen with accessible buttons to control all of the functions.

Within the Dash Cam is a G-sensor that identifies an impact and automatically locks the recorded file so that it cannot be over-written. It also features loop-recording, which prevents recording from stopping once the SD card is full.

Another useful feature is the Photo Mode function which allows you to take still images which can provide additional evidence if required.


The powered ‘Click & Go’ screen mount is a new innovation which allows the camera to be permanently powered and easily removed if required. Utilising magnets and powered touch points, allowing the camera to be free from wires.

The mount can be powered with either the 12volt, 4-metre power cable with adapter (supplied) connected to an auxiliary power socket. Alternatively, the mount can be hard-wired by using a Hardwire Kit (optional) specifically designed to be used with the comprehensive range of Nextbase Dash Cams.


In daylight conditions, the 112 captures clear and concise images displaying easy to read number plates of the vehicles in front.


In low light conditions, the 112 works well but does not have the clarity that the more expensive Dash Cam range provide.

Because of the small size of the 112, it is easy to locate it virtually anywhere on the screen without it being too much of a distraction. It is important to note that a Dash Cam must not be placed in the swept area of the windscreen (drivers’ side windscreen wiper zone).

The 112 is a great little Dash Cam and at a very reasonable price too. The benefits of having one fitted in the car to record bad driving and if necessary to provide evidence far outweigh the small cost of purchase. Better safe than sorry!



Nextbase, the UK’s leading manufacturer of in-car dashboard cameras (Dash Cams), today announced a deal to give drivers, who buy a Nextbase Dash Cam get a 20% discount on their insurance policy. Through a ground-breaking partnership with insurance broker Sure Thing!, drivers who own a Nextbase Dash Cam will receive 20% off the Sure Thing! direct online price of their car insurance, the largest ever discount for Dash Cam owners in the motor industry.

The average car insurance premium price across the UK stands at over £450*, partly due to increasing claims costs and crash for cash scams. Sure Thing! & Nextbase have partnered to combat this while bringing premiums down and the average UK motorist who takes advantage of the new offer can expect savings of £90 per year.

Sales of Dash Cams – small windscreen-mounted cameras that record a motorist’s view of the road – increased by 396% in 2015, making them the fastest growing consumer electronics category**. This growth is expected to continue into 2020 and beyond. In the short term, GfK predicts that the number of dash cams installed in UK vehicles is expected to double between 2015 and 2016. Bearing in mind projected sales of Nextbase Dash Cams in 2016, if every owner took out insurance cover with Sure Thing!, a total of over £58.5 million could be saved**.

Richard Browning, director of Nextbase, said: “The UK Dash Cam market has exploded in recent years as more and more people recognise the multiple benefits of owning a Dash Cam. Through our partnership with Sure Thing!, we’re hoping to tackle the ever-rising cost of insuring your vehicle and those who partake in the offer stand to save on average an incredible average of £90 a year. This substantial saving means that in most situations a Dash Cam more than pays for itself. Aside from the financial incentives, a Dash Cam also ensures drivers will be able to protect themselves in the knowledge that they have an independent witness with them at all times while driving.”

Nominated for the recent UK Broker Awards 2016 and The British Insurance Awards 2015, the Sure Thing! management team boasts over 100 years experience in the insurance market.
Brendan Devine, CEO at Sure Thing! said: “We’re leading the charge in the insurance world to highlight the importance of Dash Cams, and in a market where proof is everything, video evidence provides undeniable evidence of which party is at fault in an accident situation. We’re committed to finding our customers great prices on their motor insurance and through our exclusive partnership with Nextbase we’re offering just that. We’re excited to see where the Dash Cam market goes and are looking forward to working with Nextbase going forward.”

Based on Sure Thing!’s average direct premium

** Stats according to data from independent financial analysts GfK from January 2015 to December 2016


Technical Information

Dimensions:  5.7 x 5.8 x 3.0 cm (W x H x D)

Weight:  360 grammes

Storage:  Supports SDHC and SDXC Micro SD Cards up to 32GB (Class 10 recommended) to provide up to 4 hours of recorded footage before entering a new recording loop

Battery Life:  up to 30 minutes’ back-up in the event of an accident

Recommended Retail Price:  £49.99


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