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Your new Dash Cam will come supplied with an auxiliary socket power adapter as standard, which is fine until you need to use the socket for mobile phone charging, tablet or MP3 player. This is where the optional Hardwire Kit from Nextbase deals with the problem by taking a permanent power supply from the vehicle fusebox.

Other benefits of purchasing and installing the Hardwire Kit are to provide a neat installation with no wires on show and to power up the Dash Cam as soon as the ignition is switched on.

By permanently wiring the Dash Cam into the vehicle power supply, the device will be constantly using power from the vehicle and not relying on the internal Dash Cam battery, which may be needed in the event of an accident or loss of the vehicle power supply.

If the Dash Cam is connected to a permanent power supply (e.g. the Dash Cam is powered with the ignition switched off) then recording can be set to permanently record. If it is connected to an ignition switched power supply, then it will only start recording when the ignition is switched on, to prevent a drain on the vehicle battery.

The kit contains all the components required to easily ‘piggyback’ from a fuse box of any vehicle that uses either standard ATO/C or smaller ATM fuses.


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