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ProofCam PC202 Dash Cam Review


Proofcam are fairly well known for their tie in with the RAC and their fairly extensive range of dash cams that has come with it. Perhaps lesser known is the fact Proofcam also produce their own branded dash units, although usually not directly competing with their RAC units, offering more of an entry level product into the world of dash cams. The PC202 is their latest own brand unit, and with an RRP of £79.99 it appears to be great value.


While not packed full of high end features like its RAC branded stable mates, the ProofCam PC202 aims to get all the basics right, and features full HD 1080p video capture with audio, a G sensor, photo mode and reasonably wide 110 degree field of view. Surprisingly at this price point, the PC202 also ships with an 8GB micro SD card and even a carry case – very generous of ProofCam.

The first things you notice about the PC202 when you take it out of the box is just how small and light this thing is. It definitely has more than a hint of GoPro about it and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Such a compact design clearly has it’s advantages too, as the device is very discreet and tucks very neatly behind the rear view mirror in most vehicles. In this regard, it’s probably one of the neatest solutions available for a traditional form factor dash cam, assuming you also hard wire it of course.


Clearly, there isn’t too much in the way of features to talk about, but the PC202 is also able to capture still images in the event of an accident, and also has an inbuilt g-sensor to automatically lock files in the event of an accident. The device supports a Micro SD card of up to 32GB in size should the user want to upgrade from the included 8GB card, and the inbuilt battery will power the camera for 20 minutes, should it be disconnected from the power supply.

Video quality from the ProofCam PC202 is excellent, especially given its price. The dash camera produces nice, sharp full HD videos that, while clearly not as good as a high end dash cam, are more than adequate for producing quality evidence in the event of an incident. If anything, I would say that recorded audio seems a little quiet, but it’s more than good enough. Check out our example footage below and see what you think:

ProofCam offer “Google GPS Player” software on their site as a way of playing back the footage captured on the PC202. It’s the same software used for all the company’s RAC branded models, and it does the job fine. Clearly, it’s not designed with the PC202 in mind, as none of the gauges/mapping works thanks to the PC202 not having built in GPS. That being said, it’s good enough to review footage and take a screenshot here and there. You can also use the inbuilt photo app on Windows 10 to view the footage just fine, or many other players for that matter.


The ProofCam PC202 does exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it well. For a sensible chunk of change you get a simple, compact yet very effective dash cam that will be an invaluable eye witness should anything happen behind the wheel. While it may be lacking in features, it gets the basics right, and its small, discreet design is sure to win some fans. If you’re looking for a good dash cam that doesn’t cost the earth, we highly recommend giving the PC202 a look.

The ProofCam PC202 is available to purchase from Mufflebox here

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