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RAC 210 Dash Cam Review



The RAC 210, a forward facing Dash Cam packed full of features, records in Full HD video with a 127-degree wide angle lens and has built-in GPS to record your speed and location at all times. It also has a built-in WiFi Speed Camera Alert with free updates from the ProofCam website.

The Dash Cam is supplied with an 8GB Micro SD card, allowing for 8 minutes of video for each 1GB of space on the supplied card. It records in three segments but can be adjusted using the simple menu functions of the camera. When the SD card is full, the RAC 210 operates on a loop recording system and will overwrite the oldest recording and continue without the need to erase or download any data.

The RAC 210 Dash Cam is supplied with an 8GB Micro SD card, a soft storage pouch, a 12-volt charging lead and a 360-degree swivel windscreen mount


Recording – The camera display screen turns off after a short time so that it is not distracting to the driver. In the background, however, the camera is still recording everything on the road ahead.

Photo Mode– Captures still images as well as video, which could be very useful in the event of an accident or incident.

Microphone and Speaker– Sounds and conversations can be recorded, if required. If not, a simple one-touch button will mute the microphone.

Emergency Button – When pressed, the current sector of your recording becomes protected and will not be lost when the camera continues recording.

360º Revolving Cradle– Position your camera in different directions with the rotating mount enclosed in the box.

Power Options – The RAC 210 can be powered using the supplied power cable connected to a vehicle’s 12-volt power socket or hard-wired to the vehicle electrical system.


The RAC 210 performed well in comparison to similar, previously reviewed Dash Cams, and was incredibly easy to initially set up. Once plugged in through the cigarette lighter/auxiliary socket, the unit instantly powered up and was operational in very little time.

A very useful feature to mention is the built-in battery life, which is very handy to operate the camera while away from a power source. This feature may be useful to take still pictures or review footage in the event of vehicle power failure following an accident. Switching the ignition on or running the engine will power the unit up and will immediately start recording.

Once operational, the camera was set into position on the windscreen. Because of the small size of the RAC 210, it was easy to locate it virtually anywhere on the screen without it being too much of a distraction or obscuring vision. It is important to note that a Dash Cam must not be placed in the swept area of the windscreen (drivers’ side windscreen wiper zone) or anywhere which can obstruct the driver’s view.

Because the RAC 210 records using ‘loop’ technology, when the SD card is full, the RAC 210 will automatically overwrite the oldest files and continue recording indefinitely. The timeframe for the ‘loop’ can be adjusted quite easily through the menu system. If you wish to set the time or adjust any menu settings, simply press the ‘OK’ button, which will stop the RAC 210 recording, and then the ‘MENU’ button to display the available options.

The operational buttons, although perfectly functional, could benefit from being touch sensitive, as when pressed by the operator it did tend to push the camera slightly out of position. Fortunately, though there is no real need to touch the device once it is in position and operating as normal. However, it is recommended that you check the Dash Cam for at least once a month to make sure it is operating and recording properly.

The RAC 210 has a screen-saver setting so that after a short period of time the screen will turn off. This setting can be adjusted by accessing the relevant menu setting.

If you wish to view the footage recorded by the RAC 210 you can do this in three ways: a) remove the SD card from the RAC 210 and, using the supplied SD card reader, insert into a computer. Files can then be viewed in the same way as a digital camera. b) connect the camera to a computer using a sync cable (not supplied). Files can then be viewed in the same way as a digital camera. c) Wifi connection to your mobile phone allows instantly uploadable image file transfer which can be useful in the event of not being able to instantly access the Dash Cam or the SD Card for whatever reason.

The footage captured with the available light during the early evening journey resulted in more than adequate images with number plate definition reaching an acceptable standard of clarity.

Speed Camera Alerts were relatively simple to set up to warn of impending camera locations. Updates are available from the ProofCam website which allow for greater accuracy and up-to-date information.

Sound recording works well and is a useful feature but generally, is best switched off if you are hyper-critical about other motorists’ driving and wish to voice your opinion.

Overall, the RAC 210 is a compact, yet capable Dash Cam with a retail price that sits near the top-end of the market but ‘delivers the goods’ as promised. To sum up, the RAC 210 works straight out of the box and gets you up and running in no time at all with many features not found in the lower price range models.



Screen Size: 2.3”   LCD Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080p   Lens: Glass

Field of Vision: 127˚   Recording Definition: Full HD 1920 x 1080

Micro SD Included: 16GB Micro SD   Support: Micro SD card, from class 10 – Up to 32GB

Image Resolution: 14M / 12M / 8M / 5M / 3M / 2M / 1.2M / VGA Megapixels

Photo Mode: Yes   Sensor: 2 megapixels   Video Format: MOV

SOS Data Protection: Yes   SOS Recording: Yes

G-Sensor: Yes   Motion Detection: Yes

GPS: Yes    360º Revolving Cradle: Yes

File Locking: Yes   Loop Recording Technology: Yes

Auto Screen Saver: Yes   Mute Function: Yes

Built-in Wifi: Yes   Built-in Speed Camera Alert: Yes