VOLVO V70 R ESTATE 2003-2004

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Volvo's Best|Economical|Powerful|comfortable| everything you could want instant 5/5

VOLVO V70 R ESTATE 2003-2004

I've Had Volvos for majority of my life, my family has owned them and so have I, I gave my V70R to my Dad, which means I still get to tinker with it and take it for a spin, but before it was in his hands, this monster was owned by me for 6 years. Its a Volvo for crying out loud, they're known for their indestructible 5 cylinder diesel and petrol engines, especially this beast, powered by a 2.5 Litre turbo charged 5cyl manual, acceleration is phenomenal and its ride quality is superb, comes with a variety of options and extras, mine came in fully loaded (though most V70Rs are loaded) with Electric seats, Sat-Nav, heated seats, telephone, CD changer and at least 100+ more. Not to mention the gigantic Boot capacity not like ive seen on any car before, you could literally fit almost anything in the boot, with rear seats folded down you could fit a 6"ft man into it! 12v sockets in the boot itself so, compact fridges have a source:), you could implicate that this car could be a potential Workhorse, it shouldn't run into any problems, however i wouldn;t want to slowly destroy it and wear it down, it would be a shame I've never encountered any faults with this Volvo, from the day I purchased it from the 2nd hand Volvo dealership. ------------------------------------------------------ECONOMY---------------------------------------------------------------- The 300 BHP+ and large engine capacity would put people off, but this car is amazing! the manual gearbox is a big factor in its economy! economy wise, there is nothing to worry about if your'e shifting within 2000-maximum-4000 rpm. On the motor way I would have got around 35 MPG cruising at 80-mph and a solid 40 at 70-mph. commuting, i would get 26+MPG on mixed circumstance, and under heavy congestion and traffic i'd be looking at 18-20, which would be rare as I live next a main road which is technically uninhabited until 6 pm which was after work. no problems with the Transmission however be cautious when purchasing the non R model, being Automatic. They tend to have problems with the gearbox at 130,000 miles+ if service is not done. if service is required not to worry, don't expect £2,000 fees to service it, its much cheaper than you even expect it to be. other than that, if you look after your car it should last an eternity. Overall I give this car a 5/5 Bonus+ for serving me and not letting me down and not to mention its orchestral unique 5 cylinder tune (sounds like a V10 as they share the same firing order 😉 DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THIS CAR!

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very reliable family car

VOLVO V70 R ESTATE 2003-2004

I drove one of these cars for 2 years, it gave me great motoring pleasure, it didnt go wrong, was economical and a pleasure to own. its a practical car with a huge trunk, you can carry bulky loads.

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