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Leather armchair on wheels


Quality is the key watchword here. As the JD Powers quality surveys and dependability surveys in America suggest, this car is peerless. I bought it as a family car, due to having numerous safety features and I must admit I was initially concerned about its overall fit to my lifestyle, having come from a string of fast cars. It took some time to "fall" for the car, but eventually, imagine my surprise when I found myself reaching for the keys to the Lexus, instead of the sportscar? The quality of all the features makes the car feel like its built from solid granite, with doors like bank vaults. Nothing has gone wrong with the car in years of ownership. Nothing. Apart from fuel and consumables, the car owes me nothing. It will never let you down, and will probably last longer than you will. As far as features go, its packed with pretty much every option you could ask for, and these come as standard. Most other manufacturers want you to pay through the nose for these options. For example, you get reverse-dipping side mirrors which also fold in when not in use, touch screen Sat-Nav, sunroof, massaging seats, and a fridge, just to name a few of the more useful features. The boot is enormous, and you can easily fit 5 large adults, with even six-footers sitting behind a basketballer in the front seats. It is whisper quiet to drive, with only the most pronounced stab of the throttle being able to disturb the serenity of the cabin. The Mark Levinson sound system is excellent, with a 6 stack CD player as standard. All materials in the cabin are pleasant to touch, being either polished wood, or supple leather. Downsides? Yes, there are a few. The car is not a sportscar. There is no getting away from that. Its purpose is not to get you around a grand prix track, but to get you from A to B in a very relaxed manner. At this, it excels. This is why is does not get a full 5 stars from me in the "How it Drives" category. It will, however, waft you everywhere in total comfort. Coming back to the car after a long day, the lighting pack is a welcome reminder that the manufacturer has thought of so much; you wont fumble with keys in the dark, door handles are illuminated, and its just a nice touch. Running costs are high. This is a big car, and it comes loaded with features. Its also a large capacity V8, running petrol not diesel. As such, you will do well to get 30mpg on the motorway, and perhaps less than 20 in the city. This is my second LS, and I would definitely buy another one. I only sold the first one because we moved overseas, but immediately bought another one in my new location.

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Lexus LS430



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mr clive howarth


Having owned several larger cars like the Mercedes 500CL and BMW 7 Series I had a requirement for a car to take me to our holiday home southern Spain. The Lexus LS430 achieved this with the minimum fatigue, achieving 34mpg. on one tank full and a overall 32mpg. for the round trip. 40 degrees outside, nice and cool inside, the air cooled seats a real bonus. Servicing was always reasonable and in four years nothing went wrong unlike the Mercedes which cost a small fortune to keep on the road, not the best looking car I have ever owned but by far the most reliable

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Lexus LS 430


The most luxurious car I have ever driven

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Crazy Pete

Great car, very high milage hence gearbox problem.


The gearbox is only good for 200,000 miles, the rest of the car is fantastic, but crap on fuel but who cares for such a great car.

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Arthur T. Himmelman

Almost too good for new Lexus sales!


I have owned a 1996 LS400 and currently own a 2004 LS430 with 81,000 miles on it. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for the quality Lexus builds into these cars. To the degree it is rational to say about a car, I love my Lexus. Not only I, but everyone who has experienced its magnificence, agrees it is truly a rare jewel of an automobile (I keep it exquisitely clean and regularly and fully maintained). Even at 81,000 miles and almost 13 years old, it drives, rides, feels, and looks like it just came off the showroom floor. This means so much to me because, at 72, I now rely on social security and very modest savings to maintain my lifestyle. Lexus allows me to feel like a very wealthy man - with excellent taste and style - each and every time I get into my LS430. I think the only problem with how Lexus builds its cars is that a person can be so satisfied with their Lexus that buying another one seldom seems necessary. Thank you to everyone at Lexus who makes this possible. Arthur T. Himmelman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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