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Pez. Mod

Cool and rare


Cool and rare a good drive excellent in slippy conditions and it has soul and makes you smile all the time a real beauty. If you want boring drive a bmw

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The Ade MKII

Alfa Romeo Beauty


This is not just a car. This is a work of art. This is a piece of automotive pornography. This is an Alfa Romeo. Unfortunately after having to give up my previous cars due to lack of funds, I then spent best part of 6 months with no personal car whilst i saved up enough money to purchase a cheap vehicle. £3000. That was my budget. During this time I was looking at different options for my next vehicle. I knew what I wanted, I wanted a sporty car that will put a smile on my face every time I drive it, and looks good. Afterall, after you have parked your car, if you dont turn around to look back at it and admire it, then you have bought the wrong car. I did alot of research and comparing various vehicles , and I narrowed it down to 4, The BMW 330ci Coupe, The Alfa Romeo Brera, The Mazda RX-8, and the Ford Focus ST. But in the end, the Brera won my heart. What I bought is the Alfa Romeo Brera 2.2JTS SV. Which has had its performance enhanced by AutoDelta. Power and Drive: The Standard car produces 182bhp, and covers 0-60mph in 8.3 seconds and goes on to a top speed of 139mph. Which is by no means slow, but when I test drove one for the first time, was a little bit dissappointing. With such striking looks, it just didnt have the performance to match it. Problem is this cars weight. It does weigh slightly more than jupiter! However, when I test drove this one, with its enhanced performance, its a totally different car. Autodelta have Re-Mapped the engines ECU, upgraded the engines induction kit and fitted a sports exhaust system. Meaning power has gone up to 209bhp, 0-60mph is now dealth with in 7.5 seconds and it will now go on to 146mph. This is more like it. This is what this car should have been. Its very nippy and makes a great noise. The it has an engaging driving position, dials are nice and clear, and visibility is good. So if you are going to buy one, I would advise having a professional re-map done. It handles well too, corners nicely and grips well. Brakes are nice and responsive too. However, because its FWD and has a lump of a 2.2 engine up front, if you push it a little too hard and this car does suffer from understeer. But you really have to be pushing the car for that. So at the higher speeds, this is a thriling little car to drive. However at lower speeds, and around town the car feels a bit heavy and cumbersome, and with its low ground clearance often bottoms out on some of the larger speed humps. Which can be annoying. Comfort and Spec: Th SV spec car comes fairly well equipped actually, Duel Zone Climate Control, Push Button Engine Start, Electric Windows, Panoramic Glass Roof, Remote Central Locking, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, CD Player and Radio, Rear Parking Sensors and Leather Upholstery. Seats are comfortable and are nicely hugging to stop you rolling about at speed. And the cabin is a lovely place to be, all the buttons and dials are nicely laid out. On a long journey, the car can be quiet and civilised and comfortable, long journeys are actually quite pleasant in this car. However headroom in the front is quite limited. I am 6'1" and with the seat as low as it will go, the top of my head is only just below the roof. So anybody over that height may struggle to even get in. As for rear passengers, forget it. There is NO leg room. I have my seat pushed all the way back and there is about half a CM of leg room. No exaggeration. So unless you cut your legs off, there is no way you are going to sit in the back. And the headroom is even worse in the back. Due to the cars sloping roof line, and the blind for the panoramic glass roof, there is NO headroom either, I physically cannot sit up in the back, because my head is on its side and I am crinking my neck. Alfa Romeo should have just saved weight in the car and not bothered with the seats in the rear at all. So unless you have No legs, and No head... you will not be sitting in the back of one of these. So as a result the rear seats are basically being used as shelves. Boot space however is surprisingly big! Reliability: So far not bad at all, it just flew through an MOT with no advisories. I serviced it myself and its running lovely. Mechanically perfect. But as with all Alfa's there are a few electrical gremlins. The electric windows have a mind of their own, the electric mirrors dont work, the blind for the glass roof doesnt work, the fog lamps work only when they want to and the steering wheel controls for the radio dont work properly either. But then it is now a 12 year old car now. Conclusion: So in conclusion, for less than £3,000 I have bought this wonderful Alfa Romeo. I dont care that it is about as practical as a chocolate teapot, I dont care that it has a few electrical gremlins. Because just look at it, its stunning looks that turns heads everywhere it goes, its thrilling engaging drive, its awesome noise, its comfort on a long drive... Never fails to put a smile on my face. It amazes me that you can get such a beautiful little car for such a small amount of money. Now if you will excuse me... Im going for for a drive. Good bye!

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