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Looks great - meets my needs and is a comfortable car


First impressions? Originally I was looking to buy a TT and whilst it certainly had loads of appeal I needed something a little larger. The 2 door A5 is deceptive. Big on the outside, not so inside! Definitely not a family car (I have the 2 door coupe) and leg room (as well as access to) the back seats is tight. A great tourer for a couple though; with the rear seats folded down you can fit all your luggage in comfortably. That said, it's very comfortable - even with the sports suspension which (I'm told) is a little harsher than the saloon model. Economy is pretty good for a car this size - I regularly get over 50 mpg. Visibility to the rear quarters is a little tight, you have to crane your neck to see properly - probably why the door mirror are so huge! The level of standard equipment is fine for the year (an '09 model) with good bluetooth connection to my phone, decent sound system, heating & lighting controls. The cruise control and other functions are easily accessible but I would have liked a built-in sat-nav (available on later models and/or at extra cost) Provided the car is regularly serviced it should last you ages: I hope to not experience some of the reported electrical faults that the motoring press report! A decent car and surprisingly affordable to run.

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Bought it to be happy A5 owner. That was my biggest mistake ever to think like that. Audi - tiptronic owners know that. Joined Audi club only because had lot of problems with it. I could understand some small faults but not gearbox. That was it. Service asked 3.6 k for new. And it happens days after warranty ended. Bought almost new for 12 hundred and traded it in. Never Audi Again

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Satisfaction Guaranteed


This car is probably the best car I have ever lived with long term. I have done 140,000 miles in the car in the last 8 years and it hasn't missed a beat, always been reliable, but it has two design flaws that leave me perplexed why Audi has never attempted to rectify these. They are the sticking window problem and the broken window motor and cable problem. These two problems are interconnected. If the car is stored outside in winter conditions (try leaving it in an open airport or a hotel car park while you jet away in winter for either a two week beach or skiing holiday for those of you who store your Audi in garages), it is likely that the top of the windows will stick to the sealing rubber which runs around the door aperture, usually when the outside temperature has been at 2 deg C or below overnight. Because the doors are frameless, the window has to drop / descend a few millimetres when it is opened to allow the door to swing open and shut. This is because Audi has designed this to happen as the windows rise into the door aperture when the door is shut - this provides the weather seal against rain / moisture etc leaking in. If the window doesn't drop (problem 1) (and you will be outside the car at this point), then you can't open the door or if you have opened the door and got into your car you can't shut it because the window is stuck in the up position. Don't move or try to move the window with the electric switch at this point because you will stretch the mechanism and your window will stick open one day - i.e. problem 2! A minute of heating (start the car!) is usually enough to warm up the interior sufficiently that the window glass no longer sticks to the door aperture rubbers and you will find that all is peace and harmony once again. I can testify that that is the sum total of all the problems I have with this car - apart from it being so reliable and beautiful that I don't want the facelifted model and Audi will have to improve upon near perfection to persuade me to order a new A5. Oh, by the way I had it remapped 2 years ago so it shows me 40 mpg averaged over 20,000 miles, it does 163 mph indicated (speed limiter removed as well), and 0 to 62 mph in 5.31 seconds. What is there not to love about this car? It isn't good for 'four up' motoring over long distances as you have to contort to get into the rear seats. Get the A5 Sportback which has four doors if that is an issue. Enough said - I am off to drive my car!!!!

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Audi A5 Quattro


Very expensive when they go wrong and they will do trust me on this Throttle body failure Dpf Failure Inlet manifolds failure Door window motor actuators failure Headlight ballast failure Not a very good advert for a supposed Premium brand!

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White Fang


This car is probably the car I have enjoyed most. After 7 years of ownership and 149,000 miles I still marvel at its fabulous lines and even Audi would have trouble to prise me out of it. So, let's deal with the figures. A quattro Sport model (now S Line) built in March 2008, it was built with 239 bhp and comes with a fantastic 6 speed Tiptronic gearbox which allows either automatic operation or manual changes using either the gearlever or the paddles behind the steering wheel. I uprated the engine about 40,000 miles ago with a remap of the ECU so it now provides 288 bhp and is simply the most flexible diesel engine I have ever driven. I can get 47 + mpg on any run longer than 40 miles cruising at 78 mph (being passed by 000's of white van men). She does 0-62mph in 5.31 seconds and has been measured on the autobahn at 163 mph. So, it has performance, acceleration, economy and all in a great cruising package. The seating is comfortable but being a 2 door coupe the rear seats are a bit cramped unless you are less than 5' 9'' tall and it is a bit awkward for older people to get in and out. That is honestly the only seriously only issue with this car. The boot is cavernous, especially with the rear seats down, and there is even has a holder for my sunglasses in the cabin roof light binnacle. The 8 year old sat nav only reads to 4 postcode characters but the facelift model introduced 7 letter postcode addresses. It has voice control for the telephone system It is such a lovely car to drive that I prefer driving it to my wife's RSQ3 which by comparison is loud and uneconomical and not that much faster - 0.3 secs to 62 mph! The car is nose heavy but one's driving style quickly adapts.

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Mr T Mulroney


got most of the toys etc / no sat nav / starts every day / hard drive / later models better refinment on seating and drive / poor lighting

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A5 Quality


Don't be like me. Buy one with full history and one owner. Mine was supposedly an enginerebuold and new clutch at 220000 but the receipt was bogus and I'm now in to a £4500 garage bill because of an eBay conman. But this car is beautiful and when it ran it held the road like a dream. So wrong gearbox fitted. Clicking behind dash means dash out and Audio charge £142 per hour labour for the servo motor on the fan and it's a 10 hour job.

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My audi a5 3.0 tdi


Grate drivers car

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