FIAT 500 HATCHBACK 2008-2015

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Stina Stone

Best car I've ever had!

FIAT 500 HATCHBACK 2008-2015

This is the best car I've ever owned! It's ideal for living in the city - you can get in all the tiny parking spaces that no one else can. It's really economical on fuel and when the tax is only £30 for the entire's definitely the cheapest car I've owned in terms of running costs! It's fun and every time someone gets in my car for the first time they love it!! I've not any issues with the car other than normal wear and tear on tyres/brakes, as you'd expect!

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FIAT 500

FIAT 500 HATCHBACK 2008-2015

There is the best car ever, design is beautiful, is comfortable, really economic, smart- I can park this car in the most small places on the street, is is small car but is a lot place inside, 4 people in easy go to londer travel. Is small trunk, so is good just for shopping groceries, not for any holiday, lack of a personal mirror for driver, very bad drink handle, is not flexible - too wide for cans, cups, lack of reversing sensors.

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Fiat 500

FIAT 500 HATCHBACK 2008-2015

I have pleasure to own that little thing for around 4 months now. We bought it as we needed some little run around car that would be cheap to run and maintain. So far I can say that it serves the purpose. There is few good and bad points: Good points: Cheap road tax Easy to drive I can pack 2 car seats It have isofix Can get in to the smallest spaces Quiet fast like for 1.2 l engine Bad points: Can't fit pram or stroller in the boot Fuel consumption could be lower it does about 40-45mpg I would say perfect car for a couple or single person

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If you have a daughter who wants a car! Avoid at all costs

FIAT 500 HATCHBACK 2008-2015

My 19 year old sister was just killed driving one of these tiny fart box shopping trolleys. She was hit by a small transit van and the car crumpled. It was half a car. She was hit so hard and none of her driver airbags went off so it killed her. There is no meat to this car, she was pushed upwards in her seat and hit her face on the plastic sill above the window, was forced in to the roof. Closed skull fracture from ear to ear. There is not much gap between your head and the roof or window! If you are going to have a crash it is better to take in a larger car. No one stands a chance in one of these tiny useless sad excuses for a car. Not safe, if you love your children then go get them a fiesta/focus/Peugeot or a punto that has all the extras, including curtain airbags! Not that they did my sister much good ! Had they gone off she would be alive . Anything but this small piece of shit!

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