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Cheapy little car, with specs to match.


What can one honestly say ? If one were upgrading from a three wheeler to a Mondeo, then one would be thrilled. Unfortunately we were drastically downgrading from a Granada, which we kept for 25 years. Where to begin. They've taken away the bumper bars, for my benefit. They've fitted screen washers, ON the bonnet. They've reduced the sun visors to tiny squares, poorly compensated by the salesman going beresk with a felt tip pen it looks like in the awful gap between, on the windscreen. Two uneven size windscreen wipers, as a joke. The bonnet release is painted black and hidden in the passenger footwell. No honestly. The seats, suspension, are rock hard, cushions help. Couper tyres help. The cigar lighter skts switch OFF after a while. New skts fitted. Two, yes two digital clocks side by side ! Covered over, and a real analogue clock glued to the dash. No voltmeter or oil pressure gauge, just hope ! Cassettes transferred to MP3, but no provision for such either. A separate device bought to play music via the new cigar skt and the radio. Ho hum, but is cheap, what can one expect. A silk purse etc. The poor lighting inside and out. No more 100w headlamps, no more adjustable reading lamps. Tail gate internal lights on all the time when open, bulbs removed ! A pollen filter for ones shoes ! What next ! Removed by Garage as major work to get at it. Round air vents, so no air freshners or drinks clips will fit any longer. Computerised windows, no really. After 3 attempts to raise a window, one is temporarily allowed to over ride the computer, and shut a window. Seats do not move, adjust, as much as our real car did. Timing chain, not gears, but at least not a rubber band as with so many lethal engines / cars. The punters just don't know, the makers don't shout about how dangerous a rubber band within the engine can be. Poorly sited battery, hard to get at. No visible windscreen washer bottle. (it is against the law not to have sufficient washer liquid. But as one can no longer see it, who knows unless topped up every day. Hence the awful design bonnet release.) Major work to replace the low grade headlamp bulbs. Front of car off, pods out, bulbs out, MOT re-alignment of pods, front back on. MK3 easy access, so this was done on purpose because....I could go on but you get the jist. It's OK for what it is, a cheapy little car, with specifications to match. If one wants a cheap run-about, then this is OK. If one wants a comfortable car, then this isn't it. Would I recommend it to a friend ? That would very much depend upon what the friend wanted in a car.

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