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S6 AUDI AVANT 444bhp

AUDI A6 AVANT 2011-2014

How much power do you need? Probably no more than this. Audi have got it spot on with the engine output, ride comfort along with a spectacular interior. Effortless to drive but with a kick if you decide to light it up. Very easy to live with and a dream combination of practicality and incredible thrust. You can easily place 3 full sized mountain bike frames in the boot with the back seats still up. Fit roof bars & a box if you need extra space for touring. These cars soak up the mileage and with multiple suspension drivetrain and steering setup options you can turn it in to whatever you please. There are specialist remap options if you are determined to lose your licence, but quite frankly it is quick enough. I'd thought long and hard about owning an RS6 but I envisage the churn rate of ownership with these possibly indicates that it is an itch to scratch rather than a long term purchase. Wise money goes on the wolf in sheep's clothing S6 for me.

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