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Brian Dudgeon

Lovely car


Although not the most practical car (boot is not as big as it looks), the car drives sublimely and smoothly. Gadgets are great, especially the all view cameras.

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Early Days but I like it


I had a BMW 5 series estate, a very expensive car that although superb when working properly I must say proved to be very unreliable (less than 4 years old). So buying a replacement I wanted as much as possible the size and comfort of the BMW plus improved reliability plus a higher seating position and it must be automatic, oh and it must cost a lot less than the BMW. I bought my 64 reg as an ex demonstrator with 14,000 miles on the clock for a good price on believe it or not Black Friday 2015. With my list of requirements I knew compromises would have to be made, but aimed for as many as possible. How have I found my new Nissan? Ride quality and comfort is pretty good, ok not quite up to the BMW but 90% of the way there which is pretty good. The high ride is excellent it helps avoid idiots blinding me with their headlights set too high. I got the 1.2 petrol engine version, I was very worried about this initially but it really is amazing how well it goes, not quite as fast as the BMW but much faster than you would have thought possible for a 1.2 petrol engine in this size body. Reliability - well largely speaking it has been fine so far. Only one problem which I believe is very common and I have not bothered to go back and complain about yet. The forward sensors seem to fill up with water so they just keep constantly beeping, I have to switch them off. Tech - my wife loves the forward and reverse cameras, especially the reverse cameras, they really are very good. Sound system is ok on radio, pretty good with an ipod plugged in, not sure why ipod quality is so much better than FM radio. Running costs - well the claimed miles per gallon is rubbish, truth is I get around 30 to 35 mpg out of it which is not great, luckily petrol is fairly cheap right now but don't believe claims of 50mpg etc it just is not going to happen. maybe at 56mph constant on a motorway but who the heck does that! Space - Well I did have a 5 series tourer so I now have less space than that!! Really though with the back seats down the boot space is great, it is fine for day to day use with the seats up and of course it has a flat loading area which is essential. The big one for me is going to be reliability, if the forward sensor being useless is the worst thing I encounter I will be a happy camper, Mileage is only up to 18,500 at the moment and less than 2 years old so a while before I find out how reliable my "Geordie Truck" is.

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same as me

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Not sure what this means


Has all the safety features you need

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My car


Good value for money. Comfortable Has all the technology you need

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Jimminy Cricket

Excellent Car Highly Recommended


I moved to this car from a BMW 5 series tourer, a fairly substantial change to a much cheaper car (The BMW was hopelessly unreliable at less than 5 years old); so how have I found it.... I bought the car as an ex demonstrator 1 year old with 14K on the clock. I was doubtful that a 1.2L petrol engine would be anything like powerful enough after my 2.0L Diesel BMW. Was impressed with the test drive and after owning it 7 months I can honestly say it is powerful enough, and the CVT is great. The only reliability issue I have had at all is the front sensor beeping all the time so took it in for them to drill a hole and let the water out. I reckon the build quality is excellent, and we aren't talking a 50k car here. Having had a couple of BMW's which are excellent driving cars I was pleasantly surprised how nice the Qashqai was to drive, no complaints. The shorter length and reversing and all around cameras are a godsend when parking. My wife is very jealous of the cameras! Overall running costs are pretty good except of course the claimed miles per gallon are total fiction. Real average is 35 miles per gallon. Can you do better? YES but only by driving in a straight line on a motorway no breaking and accelerating and keeping the speed between 50 and 55 miles an hour then you can get it up to 50 (just) but as soon as you exceed 60 miles an hour (like everyone does) I guess the turbo kicks in and fuel economy plummets. Hypothetically if I were to drive at 80 - 85 on the motorway (which is of course illegal) I believe it would get about 33 to 35 MPG I was a bit spoilt with the BMW so I would have to say the stereo is pretty average, quality off FM radio not very good, better if run an ipod into it, but nothing above average. Overall this is one of the best cars I have ever owned, MY BMW's were lovely whilst they worked (which was not very often) and I have had other nice cars but this is just a great all around workhorse.

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Family x4



Too many faults. New engine imminent, Aircon failure, battery failure,. Steering fault, rear axle misalignment,. Rattles. Nice drive though,. Best bought on PCP as it will fall apart after 3 years.

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