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Christopher Cross

Excellent car.


I choose a Lexus RX because it is the best car in its class, without a doubt. It is a soft roader SUV and it is not for those who want to climb hills and ford rivers like a Range Rover or a Land Rover. The Lexus looks good, depreciation is no worse than a Range Rover and it is clean and quiet. I personally detest rattly diesel engined cars and I really like the quietness of the Lexus petrol hybrid powertrain. Lexus comes with all the goodies too, providing you buy the 'Luxury' version. You do not need to spend hours figuring out options and extras, they are included, which is excellent. The Lexus RX450 is for those who want a quiet, reliable, prestigious, smooth running SUV. That said, it is not as good in some ways as my first Lexus, a 2006 RX300. That had permanent 4 wheel drive, a proper gearbox and softer suspension. The RX450 is a harsher ride but not really any worse than its rivals, probably partly due to lower profile tyres. Yes it is extremely smooth and comfortable on a newly resurfaced road - just like, I guess, a Dacia Duster at a quarter of the price, but not on the poor country roads where I live. Lexus have concentrated on a futuristic design and sophisticated electronics. In my opinion they have lost ground in terms of ride comfort and sure footedness and are now little better than their rivals. One small niggle is that the seat belt arm down by your seat is too short. When fastening your belt, you really have to struggle to get the clasp low enough to engage it. The arm should at least be level with the top of the seat, not a few inches below it. I'm now on my third Lexus after five years and they have proved to be 100% reliable, giving no problems whatsoever and needing no service visits between services. The lights are bright for night driving, the sat-nav works very well and the music sound quality is also very good indeed. I will only consider a petrol engined SUV and I doubt the forthcoming Jaguar F-pace (probably Lexus's only real rival) will be better than a Lexus RX450 and will probably be £5,000 more expensive for a comparable model. To sum up, the Lexus RX450 is not perfect but it is the best you can get.

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Great car...had the 400H prior to the 450H.Comfortable seats on long journeys,fantastic power when needed with the V6 engine plus the two electric motors.Economy not as good as the manufactures say but I am averaging 32mpg by utilising all electric mode when driving around town and not being heavy footed on longer trips.Servicing costs quite reasonable with a lexus service contract compared to BMW or MERC. Can't fault the Lexus treatment,my nearest lexus agency is 47 miles away in Plymouth,they will send a driver to collect the car,leave you with a car to use,service ,valet and wash your car and return it the same day. Surfbum..Newquay

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Excellent SUV


The Lexus RX450 is not perfect but is the best you can buy in the luxury SUV market. It is very comfortable, very quiet and green due to its petrol/hybrid engine. It is also very good looking, has a lovely interior, has prestige and all the modern conveniences anyone could wish for. The screen for the sat nav and rear view camera is a bright high definition screen, making it very easy to use. The best I have seen. If you are tall and like to sit up high, I suggest you avoid models with the panoramic sunroof. They do restrict your interior head height. Apparently though, this is a desired option and will add value when selling the car on. The RX450 is a little lower than the previous RX range, about which I am not happy. It seems as if only the Range Rover is still built as a high SUV and if it came at a comparable price with a petrol/hybrid engine it would seriously make me consider it. The new Jaguar SUV also looks too low and I doubt I would have one, despite once driving only Jaguar XJs for 15 years. I personally detest the noisy, rattly, dirty and polluting diesel engine cars. The smooth, clean and quiet Lexus engine is a must for any driver who is particular about quiet luxury and green issues. This is not the fastest SUV and nor is it a real off-roader like a Land Rover. But few who drive SUVs need such a capability. All cars are a compromise in the end. With that in mind I can honestly say that, at the moment, the Lexus RX450 is the best in its class.

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