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New Lexus RX has a lot to live up to

LEXUS RX ESTATE 2015-onwards

We bought a new Lexus RX because my wife's friend has got one but her's is the previous model. So my wife can tell her friend she's got newer model than her! Was that the only reason? No. I researched similar cars in some detail. We wanted a car that was expected to be very reliable, strikingly designed and with as many gizmos as possible. One by one other cars fell off my shortlist until there was really only the RX and the Tesla left on it. My wife didn't like the Tesla so we bought the RX on 16 May 2016. We've now had the Lexus RX just under 4 weeks and it's still taking some getting used to. I miss the touch screen of my old, 1998 Lexus GS300SE and the GS gave a softer ride which I liked better than the RX. If you're thinking of a new RX, be warned! The handbook is 300 odd pages long and that doesn't include the sat/nav. The handbook for that is well over 400 pages long, so long that, I'm told, Lexus doesn't print the book off so as to be a green company! The dealer gave me a computer stick with it on (to big for him to upload) and ordered me a printed version of the book which I've now got. But there's an awful lot to read, never mind about learn. I'm finding it a bit difficult to get used to the hand brake - if you can call it that. You just pull a button up to set that brake and press the button down to release it. There's so many gizmos on the car I just can't even begin to list them. The only way to appreciate this car is to go to a deal and drive the thing. Then ask for a 24 hour test drive. That way you'll begin to understand everything this car's got. The "Premier" model has everything on it and you'll not be disappointed. Your bank manager will be disappointed though, when your bank balance goes down by nearly £60,000. Is it worth it? Wouldn't I rather have had the Tesla? Part of me still says Tesla but my wife was a little frightened of the 0-60 acceleration of 2.6 seconds was it? And the autopilot driving (yes, it really will drive itself). She wan't so much frightened of those features but of me using them - me falling asleep at the wheel and her in the passenger seat! So, for much the same money, would I still choose the RX over the Tesla? Yes, I would. But only just!

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Not really sure about this

LEXUS RX ESTATE 2015-onwards

Bought my 2016 RX 450 after waiting 12months for the Jaguar f Pace then finding it under-powered during test drive and so had to walk away. After having a rx 300 and rx 400 and lexus 430 and 460 i went to view the new RX 450. Blown away by the new styling and the usual high quality fittings of the cabin etc. However after driving 5000 miles can only summarise as very underwhelmed. Just feel no one would be truly happy with this car due to so many minor faults i.e. MPG shocking 31mpg never even near 40, Auto high beam that never wants to come on, Rear Door auto lift that is embarrassing every day standing next to it trying to operate it then always reaching for the button only 12 inches away then banging your head as it takes 5 mins to open up. A sat nav screen that always reverts back to a map face overladen with un wanted menu items. Terrible,Terrible mouse operated menu button that is way more dangerous to use than even a mobile phone whilst driving. Mark Levinson top of the range hifi sounds like one central speaker (as against the ml system in my ls460 was mind-blowing) No auto closing doors any more why? Too be honest just bland with faults and finally my first Lexus that is disapointing,would assume this will be their smallest selling vehicle in numbers.

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Not what to expect from a premier model

LEXUS RX ESTATE 2015-onwards

Yes , but I would highlight its shortfalls namely: 1.intermittent failures on lane control and auto high beam. Dealer cannot find any faults but they occur quite frequently on average once every three days. 2. On practicality the rear seat does not fold flat and makes larger bulkier item difficult to load and secure. 3. Rear hatch door sensor is so slow its not worth using. Quicker to use fob key or hand switch. 4. Quoted MPG is way to high on ECO best available experienced in summer months is 37.6 with careful driving.

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Lexus RX450h Premier

LEXUS RX ESTATE 2015-onwards

It is it is the best car have ever driven. It is pleasure to drive and in which to be driven as a passenger. It is reasonably economical for its size and power. It is incredibly well equipped and clearly outclasses the German competition.

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Brilliant Lexus RX

LEXUS RX ESTATE 2015-onwards

The car is almost perfect save for slightly disappointing fuel consumption

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